Creating Web Pages Unit

Things to consider

Edit Page Title

Page titles refer to the text that appears on the bar at the top of the browser. For example, the page title of this page is “Contribute tutorial- Things to consider", but the web site address is

To change your page title:
1. Click on the “Page Properties” icon on the Contribute toolbar (located just to the right of the “Cancel” button).
2. Edit the page title as desired.
3. Click “OK” when complete.
4. Click on “Publish” when finished editing the page.


Check out the sites below to find tips from people on GOOD web design:


Check out the sites below to find tips from people on BAD web design:


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Designing web pages with Contribute

Step One -  Getting Started

Step Two -   The Basics

Step Three -Thinking about design

Step Four - Evaluate your page/ rubric

Before you begin:

  1. Things to consider before your begin
  2. Phase I-Student website
  3. Phase II- 5 more pages-Tech 2
  4. Website design rubric

Creating the basics :

  1. Getting started
  2. Text
  3. Links
  4. Pictures
  5. Creating graphs
  6. Things to remember
Design tips:
  1. Uniformity
  2. Getting permission
  3. Basics and design quiz
On your own:
  1. Your own Web Page
  2. Website design rubric
Designing Web Pages Handouts - Use only if you don't have a printed copy from Mr. Hurt





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