Creating Web Pages Unit

Adding images to your web page


You can't put ANY image on your website. Why? Big images bog down a web site. You don't want someone to have to wait 10 minutes for you site to load. So, images need to have a smaller file size so they can be easily read by other computers. Many images that you find on the Internet that are on existing web pages are usually ok. Just don't have 30 on one web page. Also, you want low or medium quality for your images. About 72 seems to work well for image quality.

What can you do to make sure your images aren't too big? Well, here's a few suggestions:

  • Pictures taken from a camera can be converted to medium quality by pasting them in a Appleworks drawing file. To do this
    • Open Appleworks
    • Create a new drawing document
    • Drag your picture into this new window
    • Save this new file (make sure it saves as a JPEG file- it will have .jpg at the end of the file
    • name). Appleworks will convert the file for you.
    • Now you have a file that is considered a MEDIUM quality picture. It can be added to your website

Add Images

There are many places to get images from. You may have an image on your computer (a diagram, photo, etc.) that you would like to add to your website or you may want to use a graphic that is already used on your website (a logo, button, etc.).

To add an image from your computer:
1. Find the place you wish the image to appear.
2. Click on the “Image” button on the Contribute Toolbar.
3. From the drop-down list, select “From My Computer”
4. A dialog box will appear listing files on your computer. Find the image you would like to add (it must be in .gif or .jpg format).
5. Click on the image and click “Select”
6. The image will be added to your page.
7. Click on “Publish” to finish editing.



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Designing web pages with Contribute

Step One -  Getting Started

Step Two -   The Basics

Step Three -Thinking about design

Step Four - Evaluate your page/ rubric

Before you begin:

  1. Things to consider before your begin
  2. Phase I-Student website
  3. Phase II- 5 more pages-Tech 2
  4. Website design rubric

Creating the basics :

  1. Getting started
  2. Text
  3. Links
  4. Pictures
  5. Creating graphs
  6. Things to remember
Design tips:
  1. Uniformity
  2. Getting permission
  3. Basics and design quiz
On your own:
  1. Your own Web Page
  2. Website design rubric
Designing Web Pages Handouts - Use only if you don't have a printed copy from Mr. Hurt





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