Creating Web Pages Unit


Getting Started with Contribute


3+ steps for success

Now you've planned out your web page and are ready to start.

To create a web page, you have to follow these easy steps:

******* Connect *******
The first time you use Contribute you have to get a "key" from Mr. Hurt.
It will look like this- Just double click on it and it will set up your connection.

YOU WILL ONLY HAVE TO DO THIS ONCE. This just sets everything up on your computer so you don't have to do anything complicated. You just have to click on the Contribute icon from that time on in your dock (the big C at the bottom of your screen) to connect to your web page.

  1. Browse to the page
    Contribute has a built in browser, so you just browse through any pages you might have on your website and find the one you want to change or edit. If you have never created a web page, you can edit the one page you were assigned or create a new page (see below) and get started! : )
  2. Edit
    If you're just starting out, you only have one, very plain looking page. You can change that one around by clicking the edit button. This creates a "rough draft" of your web page.
  3. Publish
    Your new page that you're editing won't go on the Internet until you go to step # 4- publish (Wow! That's just like the stages of writing!!!) It's very easy to do. Once you've got your page exactly how you want it, click "Publish".'ve just sent your page live onto the Internet.

Macromedia Contribute lets you update web pages, allowing you to:

Getting started- editing existing pages

Before you can edit a web page on your site, you must first connect to the website.

Once you open up Contribute, you're connected to your web page files. I've created a mostly blank homepage to start you off. To edit this page:

  1. Click the Edit Page button.
  2. Click in the page where you want to make changes.
  3. To add text to your page, either type directly into the page, or copy and paste text from another document.

Create a new web page

When you create a new web page, make sure you link it from an existing page in your website so your site visitors can view it.

To insert a link and add a new page:

  1. Browse to the page that you want the link to appear in, then click the Edit Page button.
  2. In your draft, click where you want to insert the link.
  3. Click the Link button in the toolbar, then choose Create New Page.
  4. In the Link Text text box, type the text you want to appear on the page.
  5. In Create New Page From, select New Blank Page or choose a page you want to base the new page on.
  6. Enter a title for the page in the New Page Title text box, then click OK.


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Designing web pages with Contribute

Step One -  Getting Started

Step Two -   The Basics

Step Three -Thinking about design

Step Four - Evaluate your page/ rubric

Before you begin:

  1. Things to consider before your begin
  2. Phase I-Student website
  3. Phase II- 5 more pages-Tech 2
  4. Website design rubric

Creating the basics :

  1. Getting started
  2. Text
  3. Links
  4. Pictures
  5. Creating graphs
  6. Things to remember
Design tips:
  1. Uniformity
  2. Getting permission
  3. Basics and design quiz
On your own:
  1. Your own Web Page
  2. Website design rubric
Designing Web Pages Handouts - Use only if you don't have a printed copy from Mr. Hurt





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