Creating Web Pages Unit


Below are the parts you will need to complete the second phase of your website. When you're done you should have a basic 4 page website, that includes a:

  1. Future Job
  2. CBA graphs
  3. Projects Page
  4. Blog page
  5. ____page

Future job page
For this page you will identify a job you would love to do in the future, research it, using the skills you learned last semester, and include the following on your web page about it:

  1. grades you need in high school
  2. education past high school (college, trade school, on job training, apprenticeship, program to be trained , etc)
  3. identify salary( range) of job
  4. job description & why do you want this job


“My progress” page---> CBA graphs
Chart your progress in:

  • reading
  • writing
  • math
  • science

Include graphs of the above subjects that show what progress you’ve made this year (get information from your other teachers)

Projects Page (with projects from at least 5 classes)
• Include papers you’ve written, pictures of art you’ve made, graphs you made in science, pictures of things from PE or core, scanned papers that were returned by other teachers, etc
* 1st __________ * 3rd __________ * 5th __________
* 2nd__________ * 4th __________ * 6th__________
* 7th __________

Blog page
• Write your own personal blog at least for 10 days this semester. Reflect on what you’re learning about in your different classes, and as many positive experiences as you can think of at school. Of course, keep all ponderings school appropriate....thanks! :-)

* ______ page----->dedicated to something you really like
• Whether it’s music, video games, tv, converse all stars, Jackie Chan, skiing, soccer, the color green, or something else....what’s something you really like and dedicate a page to it!

0 1 2 3 4 Do the colors make the text easy to read?
0 1 2 3 4 Do you have things arranged NEATLY in tables?
0 1 2 3 4 Do all your links work?
0 1 2 3 4 Does your future job page have the required items and logically organized?
0 1 2 3 4 Are the 4 other pages included with the required items?
Score _____ / 20 ____% Grade *


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Designing web pages with Contribute

Step One -  Getting Started

Step Two -   The Basics

Step Three -Thinking about design

Step Four - Evaluate your page/ rubric

Before you begin:

  1. Things to consider before your begin
  2. Phase I-Student website
  3. Phase II- 5 more pages-Tech 2
  4. Website design rubric

Creating the basics :

  1. Getting started
  2. Text
  3. Links
  4. Pictures
  5. Creating graphs
  6. Things to remember
Design tips:
  1. Uniformity
  2. Getting permission
  3. Basics and design quiz
On your own:
  1. Your own Web Page
  2. Website design rubric
Designing Web Pages Handouts - Use only if you don't have a printed copy from Mr. Hurt





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