Creating Web Pages Unit

Welcome to the world of web design!!! This is a tutorial to teach you how to create a web site using a program called Contribute. Read through each web page and then at the end you will have a menu of all the topics of the tutorial. It's best to go through them in order, and then come back to the ones you forgot or didn't understand. Good luck (though you won't need any luck) and have fun creating!

-Mr. Hurt

In this tutorial your goals are:

  • to successfully plan out a FUNCTIONAL web site
  • to successfully create a basic, FUNCTIONAL web site
  • to understand the concepts of good design of web sites

Considerations in Web Page Design

  1. Every page should have five basics:
    • a title (an informative one, please)
    • creator (your name)
    • Pioneer Middle School
    • creation/revision date
    • a link to the homepage.
  2. Your viewer should see the essentials of your site as soon as your homepage comes up --with no scrolling to get to the important elements.
  3. Truly, all information should fit within a 800 by 600 pixel area, but as this is not always possible, at least make sure essential information falls within this size range.
  4. Design your sites for the average computer user. Don't use exotic fonts, elaborate plug-ins, or large graphics that burden computers.
  5. The average computer user is using a PC with an Internet Explorer browser, an 800 by 600 pixel monitor, and 24 bit color resolution. Keep this in mind.
  6. Contain your text within a table so it doesn't go clear across the page.



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Designing web pages with Contribute

Step One -  Getting Started

Step Two -   The Basics

Step Three -Thinking about design

Step Four - Evaluate your page/ rubric

Before you begin:

  1. Things to consider before your begin
  2. Phase I-Student website
  3. Phase II- 5 more pages-Tech 2
  4. Website design rubric

Creating the basics :

  1. Getting started
  2. Text
  3. Links
  4. Pictures
  5. Creating graphs
  6. Things to remember
Design tips:
  1. Uniformity
  2. Getting permission
  3. Basics and design quiz
On your own:
  1. Your own Web Page
  2. Website design rubric
Designing Web Pages Handouts - Use only if you don't have a printed copy from Mr. Hurt





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