The Different kinds, what they eat, and where they live.

1) Red Eared Slider. The Red Eared Slider turtle is the most common, most recognizable, and best house pet. It eats aquatic plants and lives in fresh water with murky bottoms.

2) The Eastern Painted Turtle. The Eastern Painted turtle live in ponds and streams and ponds. It eats tiny animals and can grow up to 10" long!

3) The Eastern Box Turtle. The Eastern Box Turtle lives in wet woods and pastures and can grow up to 8 1/2 long. It eats worms and slugs.

4)The Spotted Turtle. The Spotted Turtle Lives in marshy meadow, bogs, and wet lands. It eats earthworms and spiders and can grow up to 5" long.

5)Snapping Turtles. The Snapping Turtle lives in muddy, weedy ponds. It eats small turtles, frogs, and fish. The Snapping Turtle can grow 8-18" long!( the biggest snapping T turtle ever recorded in 150 years old and 157 pounds!)

6) The Loggerhead Turtle. The Loggerhead Turtle lives in the ocean and can grow up to 48" long! It eats Sponges, Crabs, and Sea Urchins.


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